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About Us

We Are Leading International Company In The World

Leading-edge software, web, mobile app, and digital marketing company is Brilliant Technologies. For all kinds of start-ups as well as blue-chip corporations, we provide specialized software solutions, data-driven marketing, and cloud-based services to aid in the expansion of their businesses. We employ an agile development methodology to speed up and streamline project execution, resulting in the fastest time to market for reliable software products.

Brilliant Technologies was founded with the goal of becoming one of India’s top software and IT companies. For our international clientele, we strive to create high-quality, affordable custom software solutions. When we first founded Brilliant Technologies, our goal was to become global and create success for clients’ businesses.

We have established a strong reputation in the industry thanks to our commitment to our customers, and we have always believed in maintaining our word by offering them solutions that are ROI-based. We began with a modest business with big dreams of dominating the world soon. With a team of over 100 developers working across many industries, Brilliant Technologies is present everywhere and offers cutting-edge, professional business solutions. Our staff offers solutions to a range of clients and is professional with a broad and deep portfolio of knowledge. We are regarded as one of the top IT and web development companies worldwide.

Brilliant Technologies offer internship programs as well as full-time programs for graduates and post graduate students from select degree colleges and engineering colleges in India.

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Brilliant Tech Offering the most complete integrated package!

Together, we determine on your product vision based on your (and your clients’) demands and your company’s long-term goals. We use agile development approaches to create the required solution. We provide the user with your solution and, if necessary, we maintain and enhance it for the future.

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